finally, Create your own website that rivals tiffanys
While Renae sits next to you and tells you exactly what to click
So easy that i mapped ouT this training specifically with the tech-scared peeps in mind and didn't skip a single step
Hey Besties!!!

Renae here, and I’m here to help you with the very future of your handmade business.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Yaaay!

After investing over 2,000 hours, and, not to mention, plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, I’m proud to be with all of my Besties as we roll out the red carpet for Architect.

So, whether your product doesn’t have that “Wow” factor, your merch just isn’t up to snuff, or your just plain overwhelmed, Architect can help you get out of the weeds.

From all of our webinars, live chats, and emails together, we know there isn’t some single, magic formula for success. But, if Rocky Balboa taught us anything, it’s that HARD WORK PAYS OFF.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to do all of the work by yourself.

After all, we’ve made it this far together, so let me lighten the load for you and help you get your handmade business online ASAP with Architect.

Sorry Besties, It’s Tough Love.

If you’re a long time Bestie, you know the long road we’ve been on with Etsy over the years. Plus, you all know how much I’ve liked to coordinate traffic between my sites and Etsy in the past. But, hey, the past is the past!

Now, it kills me to say this because you know I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I think there is a lot of confusion around what’s going on with building a great website.

Flat out, even a lot of my Besties are clueless about building a safe and secure site for their handmade enterprise.

That’s why I’ve only got more excited for this release of Architect.

ATTENTION: Handmadepreneurs, Work-a-Holics, & Second-Chance Grandmas

With Architect,


And, no one can take it away from you!

Forget about all of those DIY website builder fees, and get over the fact that Etsy is only getting pricier.

IT’S TIME to start shaping up and shipping out — your product that is 😉

There’s nothing like what I put together for you in Architect.

Now, while I’m not saying that you should abandon your Etsy shop at all, I am saying why not supplement your sales by having a kick @#$ website!?

To be brutally honest though, if you don’t have a website (outside of Etsy!!!) devoted to your brand…


It’s almost like Etsy is trying to convince buyers that the site itself is a seller. It’s not!

So, if you think your handmade products would probably do just fine without straying too far from Etsy, you’re dead wrong!

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

I’m just kidding. YOU ROCK!

But you do, deserve to know the truth, and as my Bestie, I’m going to give it to you.
Yeah, yeah…

Nobody wants to be the person that says something mean, so let me say this to you as pleasant as possible.

If you don’t have an easy-to-use, stress-free website for your business…YIKES! You might want to think about closing up shop.

I strongly suggest investing in Architect for all of your website related needs.

Ok, you get my point. So, Let’s Get This Show On The Road Buster!!!

One of the reasons I’ve been so excited about Architect coming out, is because of how much energy was spent going into making it a great program.

After 2,000 super exhausting hours, I’m now ready to help you create the perfect website, step-by-step.

Architect is an awesome system where we’ll gradually build and design the best website for your business TOGETHER.

Trust Somebody That Learned the Hard Way

In January 2015, I launched Ecommerce Elite. This program helped entrepreneurs easily set up their websites and make them secure.

So, what happened?

After we finished the site, it was not long before I realized my protégés didn’t have the proper training to keep the site safe and secure. Not only were business owners uploading dangerous plug-ins, but also they’re sites were flat out crashing.

At this time, I realized my peeps needed more than just a web developer. That sad thing is, people were unknowingly crashing their site, and I had to witness the aftermath—for something that is entirely preventable.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it…
Introducing …
The ultimate system that takes you by the hand to help you gradually build and design the best website for your business.
Branding yourself is right around the corner…
Not only will the site help you build a unique website, but it will also help you develop your brand recognition.

With our BONUS branding vault included, you will have everything you need to build your brand.

Already have a solid brand? Architect showcases your brand in the best way possible. We can even help to revamp your existing brand as well.

Did you know…?
1. Architect is COST EFFECTIVE
It costs more to run an average Etsy shop than a website built with Architect.
2. Architect is EASY TO NAVIGATE
Menus, submenus, footer menus, sidebar menus are all included
3. Architect is highly FUNCTIONAL
Menus, submenus, footer menus, sidebar menus are all included
Architect is comfortable at home and ON-THE-GO.
Our mobile friendly platform is responsive to all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
Learn SSL setup step-by-step, and even learn how to get extra data protection from the included tutorials.
As in, “click here, then click here, then type this.”
BONUS! Premium Pinterest Rich Pin plugin and validator included
BONUS! Premium Pinterest Rich Pin plugin and validator included
With Architect, all of your videos can be played on your computer, TV, or mobile phone.
You own it.
You make the rules.
You never have to move it.
And, no one can take it away from you!
  • Rookie hosting mistakes
  • ​Understand web programming lingo 
  • ​Set up your domain email 
  • ​#1 security measure to protect your website from hackers 
  • ​Streamlining your domain email flow 
  • ​Let’s order your website tools together 
  • ​Don’t order the wrong thing 
  • ​Security checker tool
  • Set up your newsletter system
  • ​Prepare for your grand opening of your new website 
  • ​Get sales on day 1 of your website launch 
  • ​Laws to know to protect you 
  • ​How to automate your grand opening 
  • ​How Renae would do it
  • Avoid this wordpress mistake like you’d avoid rabies
  • ​Website installation with 0% fees. -Sneaky hack 
  • ​Important logins to write down 
  • ​The security feature 99% of wordpress sites are missing
  • Common problems that crash bestie websites
  • ​Default plugins you’ll want to remove 
  • ​The #1 Plugin in Existence so you Don’t Have to Learn HTML 
  • ​Can a contact form make you swoon? Only if you use this one 
  • ​Install your shopping cart plus some extra power features 
  • ​Make your website load faster
  • Equip yourself with 2 success tools
  • ​Let’s make some decisions together 
  • ​Font hacks so you can get your branded font onto your website 
  • ​Color hacks to make your website build super fast 
  • ​Two images to simplify your branding 
  • ​Image tools to get your images onto your website seamlessly
  • Introducing your easy drag and drop editor
  • ​Link map to keep it all organized 
  • ​Display your images in the cooooolest way 
  • ​Make buttons and link them to other pages 
  • ​Fun stuff that moves 
  • ​The ultimate design secret 
  • ​Use this countdown timer all day long 
  • ​The pages we need to put together
  • Easy shopping cart settings
  • ​Taxes? No prob. 
  • ​Fast shipping setting solutions 
  • ​Organizing your categories 
  • ​Adding your products to look like woah!
  • Encourage social media sharing
  • ​Make it your own with just a few clicks 
  • ​Different options for different looks 
  • ​Design your website layout so it’s like no one else’s 
  • ​Blow your competition away with these visual tricks
  • Stats to track your success
  • ​Back up your website 
  • ​More easy maintenance 
  • ​Map of where to edit what in the future 
  • ​Warnings before you go live 
  • ​Let’s go live and have some cake!
Plus, Architect offers 7 extreme
Handmade Titan Theme
An exclusive architect feature-filled theme, this design will ensure every website turns out unique and unlike any other.
Basic Tech Depot
Basic Tech Depot $37
Photoshop Kingdom
You’ll never have to hire someone to make your photos look good.
Branding Vault
Every graphic and template needed for Architect is included inside the Branding Vault along with extra business card templates, recipes and eguides to help with additional uniqu-i-fication and to prevent ugliness.
  • 21 Pre-Made Premium Logo Templates
  • ​Branding Recipes 
  • ​Font Guide 
  • ​Branding Guide 
  • ​Extended Graphic Pack 
  • ​Slider Templates 
  • ​Box Templates 
  • ​Badges and Sales Graphics
OHWO Mastery
OHWO Mastery $497
Renae's Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
Plugins add functionality to your website so it runs like a Fortune 500 company but is super easy to understand and use.
If you decided to build the same site as the demo from Architect and you purchased each plugin separately with your own money, you would spend more than $500 to do so.
I’ve bought the rights to each of the plugins used in Architect so Architect students get exclusive access to those premium plugins absolutely free.
Eternal Support
Get exclusive access to the private Architect Facebook group where I’ve hired a staff to help if you get stuck. I will be in there from time to time personally as well.
Bonus Total: $4,972 
If you have a handmade business or are planning on starting a handmade business and you want an easy solution to create your own website, then Architect is for you.

You need to build your website at your own pace and not let some developer nut hound you with deadlines.

You are so ready to take this on and beat all records at finishing first.

You might be a little tech scared but you're ready to learn it all step-by-step.

Good thing for you, Architect can be outsourced. Hire someone to follow along with the training to get your site built.
Architect is the ultimate training that takes you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to build and design the ultimate kick-a$% website that makes competitors cry
After posting everything that’s included in Architect on Upwork I received quotes from $4,500 to $5,500. That price didn’t include the templates, branding, graphic design, copywriting, SEO or any of the premium plugins or bonuses included with Architect.
I used this system to build sites for 2 dozen Besties and I charged $2,997 for each site.
Industry analysts said I would be crazy to offer this course for less than $2,500.
I spent more than 2,000 hours putting Architect together for you. If you paid me only $1 per hour you would pay me $2,000.
But since you’re my Bestie and … you know … I love Besties more than some of my own family (no offense family!), –I lowered the price temporarily even further just for webinar goers.
The best part of Architect? We haven’t even mentioned this. You get my own expertise from running a 6-figure handmade business. My advice is peppered throughout the course. You don’t just get a thousand options and then you decide which one is best. You get THE #1 BEST options and what I would personally do and set up if I were to start up my stationery business again.
ZERO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee!
I’m so confident in our services; I’m even prepared to give you a 30 DAY GUARANTEE.

That’s right! 100% MONEY BACK
In other words, there is ZERO RISK because of my 30 Day Guarantee!
Now that you know how to make your website as painlessly as possible, just get it done.

I want to make your online experience as easy and impressive as possible. I give you my word you will be satisfied with the results. Not only that, your bottom-line will be happy too.

Still not convinced?

Give it a test drive for a month, and if you don’t like the way it handles, you can bring it right back to the dealership. So, get out there and do it.

Whether you can’t follow the Architect tutorials, or aren’t happy, for any reason, I will refund 100% of your money. Of course, because I know you will love it, 30-day money back guarantee is the least I can do.
Payment Plan
6 of $199
  • Instant, full access
  • Future updates
  • $997 Architect Website
  • $500 Handmade Titan Theme
  •  $37 Basic Tech Depot
  • $297 Photoshop Kingdom
  • $147 Branding Vault
  • $497 Mailchimp Mastery
  • $500 Renae’s Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
  • $997 Eternal Support
$3,972 6 Monthly Payments of $199
Full 1X Payment
One Time
  • Instant, full access
  • Future updates
  • $1, 997 Architect Website
  • $500 Handmade Titan Theme
  •  $37 Basic Tech Depot
  • $297 Photoshop Kingdom
  • $147 Branding Vault
  • $497 OHWO Mastery
  • $500 Renae’s Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
  • $997 Eternal Support
$4,972 1 Payment of $1,997
Architect made it so easy to make the most gorgeous, easy to manage site ever.
Tiffany LaGrange
I’m pulling more traffic than I ever thought possible.
Mandy Maltz
I am loving the fact that I am getting more and more sales from my website.
Kathy Brazell Terry
Full 1X Payment
One Time
  • Instant, full access
  • Future updates
  • $1, 997 Architect Website
  • $500 Handmade Titan Theme
  •  $37 Basic Tech Depot
  • $297 Photoshop Kingdom
  • $147 Branding Vault
  • $497 OHWO Mastery
  • $500 Renae’s Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
  • $997 Eternal Support
$4,972 1 Payment of $1,997
Full 1X Payment
One Time
  • Instant, full access
  • Future updates
  • $997 Architect Website
  • $500 Handmade Titan Theme
  •  $37 Basic Tech Depot
  • $297 Photoshop Kingdom
  • $147 Branding Vault
  • $497 Mailchimp Mastery
  • $500 Renae’s Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
  • $997 Eternal Support
$3,972 1 Payment of $997
Payment Plan
6 of $199
  • Instant, full access
  • Future updates
  • $997 Architect Website
  • $500 Handmade Titan Theme
  •  $37 Basic Tech Depot
  • $297 Photoshop Kingdom
  • $147 Branding Vault
  • $497 Mailchimp Mastery
  • $500 Renae’s Secret Premium Plugin Bundle
  • $997 Eternal Support
$3,972 6 Monthly Payments of $199
Hey, my name is ______________, and I recently I read a case study from Russell Brunson, showing how he was able to take one of his marketing funnels that was working so poorly, he literally was about to shut off the hosting, and walk away from it forever...

But, in almost a moment of desperation, he decided to try something crazy - and within 30 days, this funnel had done over $100k in sales...

Within 60 days over $300k...

And within 90 days, they passed the $500k a month mark!

I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you'd probably like it a lot, so I go permission to post this casestudy here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!
CASESTUDY: How We Took 1 Dead Funnel, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
Earlier this year, we almost walked away from a sales funnel we had spent over 18 months trying to perfect, but we just couldn't make profitable. 

It was selling a new supplement we had invented, and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss. 

Yes, for every $1 we put into ads, we were getting back about $0.40. 

Not a good way to run a business long term. 

We had tested and tried a LOT of things (as you may know, we literally wrote the book on split testing - you can get a free copy of that book at

Yet for some reason, we couldn't turn the corner on this one. 

Conversions were good... cashflow was bad. 

About that time I had a chance to talk to a few guys I knew who were crushing it in a very similar market. 

I showed them what we were doing, what our conversions were, and why I was frustrated. 

He came back with two questions. 

First) How much does it cost you to acquire a customer. 

Ha ha... this one I knew. :)  

After watching Shark Tank for years, I knew this was a core metric that EVERYONE had to master, or they couldn't run a business. 
"Depending on the traffic source, we average about $80 to acquire a customer."
Boom - I'm pretty sure he was going to be impressed. 

Then question #2 came out:

Second) What's your average cart value? 

Huh...? Cart Value? What's that mean? Why aren't you asking me about my conversion rates?

I had never heard of that metric before. 
"It's how much money you make on average, in the cart (including your upsells, downsales, etc...), when someone buys your product." he said...
Now, that was a metric in our funnel I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started crunching our numbers, and figured out that our average cart value was ONLY about $32. 

"Well, that's your problem - you're conversions might be awesome, but your cart value sucks. Get that up, and you're back in the game."

Hmmm... I had never thought about cart value before. How could I increase that? 
  • Adding more upsells...
  • Adding a downsale...
  • Adding exit pops...
  • And more...
Where else could I add in things to increase my revenue? 

As you can guess, that put us on a new mission. 

At the time, we only had 1 upsell, and while it converted great, the dollar amount didn't get us even close to break even, let alone a profit. 

So, we changed the first upsell, and did a bundle pack that sold 6 bottles. 

We created another product for a second upsell, and then a third.  

After we had everything in place, we turned the traffic back on. 

We already knew it was going to take us about $80 to acquire a customer... but how much now would we make immediately, in the cart, from each person who bought? 

Within hours, we knew we had a winner. We were averaging about $163 cart value on day #1 (before any follow ups went out!!!)

Do you know what that means? 

$80 to acquire, and we immediately, point of sale (in the cart) make $163 back out!

$1 in... $2 back out!

That's the formula for a winner!

Now all we had to do, was add more traffic, and watch how fast we could scale this offer.  

And the results were awesome. 

Within a month, we passed $100k in sales. 

Within 2 months, over $300k. 

And by month #3, less than 90 days after making those changes, we had passed the $500k a month mark!

So, next time you start to build a funnel (or you're trying to fix a dead funnel) - remember these two metrics:

1st - what does it cost to acquire a customer?
2nd - what is your average cart value...

If you can get those 2 numbers right, everything else will take care of itself.

Russell Brunson
Isn't that awesome! After reading that I got so excited, I wanted to see behind the scenes on EVERY page, what Russell had done...

So, I went to the website, and started to buy the product, so I could see all of the pages in his funnel...

But the problem, was depending on what I purchased, I saw different things. I got a glimpse of what he was doing, but I wasn't able to see the whole thing. 

So I asked Russell if he's be willing to show me behind the scenes of his funnel, and show me EVERY page, what they did, why he did them in that order, what he had tested that worked... and what he did that didn't work. 

Knowing that Russell charges $3,500 for a 1 hour consult on the phone, I didn't think I was going to hear back...

But what happened next shocked me. 

I got an email back from Russell, and the subject line said:
Funnelology 101
What..? What was this? 

I nervously opened the email, and what I found inside literally changed my business forever.

Not only did Russell open up EVERYTHING and show me EXACTLY what he had done, and why... 

He recorded a mini course showing me every page... every step in the funnel - What he had done, and why.  

He also went on to show me WHERE he got his traffic, how much it costs and more!

He literally HANDED me a blueprint, that I could plug ANY product into, and see almost instant success!

He asked me to keep this mini course a secret, because he didn't want it passed around free on forums and message boards.

But I asked him if I could make it available to a few of my faithful subscribers.  

I had to twist his arm a bit, but finally he said YES!!! (with just a few rules)

1st) I couldn't show it to everyone - only people who are serious about growing a company online.

2nd) I couldn't give it away free - people I show it to HAVE to make some type of token investment.
"If they aren't willing to invest something in their business, then no matter what we show them, they'll never actually value it."
said Russell...

So, I asked him if I could sell it to a select few people, for just $7.  

After hesitating a bit, he agreed, but with ONE caveat... that he could pull my license to resell this video training at anytime for any reason.

So, there you are... 

Right now you've got a once in a lifetime shot....

To get access to his Funnelology 100 product, a virtual blueprint that he currently making him over $500k PER MONTH... for just $7. 

Is it worth it?  

Well, considering he $3,500 an hour consulting fee breaks down to about $58 a minute...

I think that $7 what you're getting here is a steal. 

But you've got to act now, because this very limited offer could be gone at any time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the "Add To Cart" button now.

Grab Your Copy Of Funnelology 
Now For Only $7 - LIMITED TIME!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $7, you're getting Russell's "Funnelology 101" course - and the blueprint for a funnel that's currently making him $500k per month. 
Copyright Renae Christine